National Service Scheme

Unit of N.S.S (National Service Scheme) is in operation in the college. At the time of admission, student can fill the form of the NSS and cab be the member of NSS. Personal development of the students would be there by holding various competitions. Ten days special camp would be organized for NSS students. The best worker will be awarded special prize and certificates.

National Cadet Core

There is position for 67 cadets in third Rajasthan (independent) company, NCC, Sriganganagar. Student who participate in NCC should fill the form of NCC during the time of admission. If number of students for NCC are more than the desired seats, they would be selected by NCC officer on the basis of qualification criteria. Students having NCC at school level would be given priority in admission. Under officer would be selected by the NCC officer on the Basis of qualification.