Business Administration

About the Department

The main objective of the department is to motivate bright young men and women with knowledge, abilities and skills to perform their roles as versatile managers through the Full time programmed offered to them. In a nutshell, it can be concluded that the department is leaving no stone unturned. It is truly acting as a facilitating agent in the process of creating qualitative and competent managers.


S.N. Name Qualification Experience Designation Contact Photo
1  Dr. Rita Mudai

 M.Com., M.Phil.(2008), NET(2013), Ph.D.(2015)

 9 Years  HOD  7597641674  
2  Ms. Nisha

 M.Com., M.Phil.(2008)

 6 Years  Lecturer  9672547625  
3  Ms. Sapna Rani

 M.Com.(ABST, Bus. Adm., EAFM), M.Phil.

 6 Years  Lecturer  9460360587  
4  Sh. Arun Sharma

 M.Com.(Bus. Adm., EAFM), MA(Soc.), SET, M.Phil.(2008)

 6 Years  Lecturer  9950315099  
5  Dr. Silky Bagai

 M.Com.(EAFM), MBA, NET, SET, Ph.D.(2013)

 5 Years  Lecturer  9214669490