Accountancy and Business Statistics

About the Department

The Department of Accountancy and Business Statistics aims to provide the practical excellence which makes students employable as per the need of the hour. The time has passed when accounting used to be done on paper only. In the modern context, the knowledge of the domain has no value unless you know how to use the accounting application on system.


S.N. Name Qualification Experience Designation Contact Photo
1  Dr. Varun Maheshwari

 M.Com., M.Phil.(2007) Ph.D.(2013)

 10 Years  

Vice Principal

& Head of Dept.

2  Dr. Vinay Goyal

 M.Com., M.Phil.(2007) Ph.D.(2013)

 9 Years  Lecturer   9413932631   
3  Dr. Pawan Bhattar

 M.Com., M.Phil.(2010), MBA, Ph.D.(2013)

 7 Years  Lecturer  9828470250  
4  Smt. Payal Jindal

 M.Com., M.Phil.(2010)

 6 Years  Lecturer  9509886240  
5  Dr. Ritu Kaushik

 M.Com., M.Phil.(2008), Ph.D.(2015)

 6 Years  Lecturer  9460106330  
6  Sh. Raj Kumar Singhal

 M.Com., NET, CA, SET

 4 Years  Lecturer  9414090206  
7  Sh. Prince Bansal

 M.Com.(ABST), M.Com.(EAFM), CA

 5 Years  Lecturer  8952805621  
8  Ms. Sandhya

 M.Com.(ABST), MBA

 1 Year  Lecturer  9529124312